Badge Shop @ Ginza Itoya

Badge Shop @ Ginza Itoya

A stationary shop is one of the places that gets me excited.

I can be happy just looking at elegant fountain and ball point pens and comfortable to use notebooks.

And the Inoue Badge Shop is opening this week in the pinnacle of such stationary stores -- the Ginza Itoya (itoya).

All the badges are available, as well as products that are new this summer.

Canvas pen case

On top of that, there is Itoya's "Note Couture". 

For stationary lover's this is something you just can't miss. 

You can order your own custom made notebook right on the spot.

Select your paper.

Choose ring or thread binding.

Foil stamping.
Choose a gold or silver stamp.

Into a machine like this.

Several steps in the process later.


All done.

So much fun . .

Please stop by if you find yourself in Ginza.


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