This is the 4th issue since I restarted publication on a monthly basis. Morning used to have a monthly format, and when Vagabond started, I actually wanted to go at that monthly pace. But the stong belief and hope of the editor at the time led me to start weekly. That weekly pace lasted for years, until around the Kojiro story, where I increased the number of pages per chapter and went to a bi-weekly pace. After that I had to take some time off, came back and did one volume's worth of chapters weekly over a 9 week period, took some more time off and that's how we came to volume 21. I wonder how things would have turned out if I had started at a monthly pace. I think it would probably have turned out to be a very different type of manga. In any case, even as I reflect on the past, I think that there would have been no other path for me to take, and this was the best one there was. It feels like the monthly pace and number of pages has shown the product off in a new perspective.

20 June 2012